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Unhackable online system

Talking to FE through a visit to New Delhi, the cyber safety specialists shared a glance of their technology which they asserted had the capacity to offer resistance to internet-based systems that are vulnerable to cyber attacks such as the defacement of Indian websites by Pakistani hackers who afford to breach New Delhi’s cyber space.

Looking to provide his services and system to Indian governments striving to grow over 100 smart cities with major stress on e-governance and paperless communication for’simplicity of living’, Khavar stated,’The present online system doesn’t have any immunity. Hackers can break into government networks and lead to havoc.’

‘The internet wasn’t made for its present purposes, because it was not designed around security at all. This endangers completely every internet user, company owner, government and agency. Without even realizing it, personal info, financing and information is saved and passed around each and every moment we open our research,’ explained Khavar, who is based in Berkeley.

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