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Top 10 Digital Marketing Campaigns in India

A digital marketing campaign is known as an online marketing effort forwarded by a company or brand to drive traffic, leads, revenue, conversions, and engagement. You may have seen Facebook ads on Facebook news feeds, or followed top brands on Instagram for videos and posts. They are digital marketing campaigns. You can see the best digital marketing campaign every day. A digital marketing campaign is designed based on the following three steps: Planning – which means the length of the campaign, outline goals and target customers. Development – which means determining a strategy to reach a target audience including voice and messaging, targeted keywords, campaign location, and marketing decisions, and integration with all digital marketing channels.

Management – which determines the success and value of a digital marketing campaign. Today digital marketing case study is an essential part of a digital marketing strategy that is used by almost every agency. They showcase their digital campaign ideas, products and services with the help of creative marketing campaigns. Whether it is a small or large company, every marketing company is using social media channels like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in creative ways to market their products. Here is the top 10 list of India’s best digital marketing campaigns to be inspired by.

“Radio KFC RJ Hunt”

was a social media campaign to promote the KFC brand’s in-house radio channel. For the execution, fans recorded their voice over the Internet with the Facebook app and an analog radio experience was provided.

Radio KFC RJ Hunt Campaign – Digital Ready

The “Design Your Own Bucket” campaign was another of their execs where participants came with their colorful and creative KFC bucket. He received a total of 5500 entries. He also started bucket entries with a picture of Sachin on the KFC bucket the day he retired.

KFC Designs Your Own Bucket Campaign – DIgital Ready

“Currycrit” was another creative marketing campaign by KFC that gave its fans a unique experience, where participants get to choose a character with an ethnic Indian touch and then upload pictures. About 17 thousand celebrities were performed by his fans.

KFC Curry Campaign – Digital Ready

His next step was “Wow menu option on 500 rupee note”. The app allowed users to scan their 500K currency notes, which would suggest them to buy their special food menu within that particular budget. The app became No. 1 on the iTunes App Store on the F&D category.

2. British Airways: Fueled by Love Campaign

The above video by British Airways is one of the top emotional best digital marketing campaigns, depicting the journey of a British Airways crew member who fell in love with India and formed a deep bond with India. Indians are full of emotions. The airline brand, British Airways, has released a new digital marketing campaign, titled “Fuel by Love”. The expedition gave a real-life example of a British Airways cabin crew who have experienced a lifetime experience in India during their first flight. India. The main theme of the campaign and the story was that “while service is driven by purpose and efficiency, true care is taken only with love.” SapientNitro made the film.

The cabin crew meets an Indian passenger and develops a special bond with him. She later visits the traveler’s home in India and is astonished by the hospitality and care she receives. With this digital marketing campaign, the airline company announced a three-day offer exclusively for its customers from India to London, starting in economy class and business class at INR 53,542 and INR 1,45,517 respectively. The offer was valid for a specific time period between 2 to 4 February and outbound travel period from 30 June.


The campaign was one of the best digital marketing campaigns that has seen the two cultures come together brilliantly. The video went live on the official website of British Airways on 2 February 2016, and was promoted on social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and YouTube. The campaign won an award in the US and went viral and

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