Keeping negative reviews at bay

Do you have a website? Then you must have faced problems created by fake reviews. Nobody wants them because they are like uninvited guests that you cannot ignore. Negative reviews are the nightmares of every business owner. There is no legal action to stop or prevent fake reviews to be published or continued. Fake reviews are very problematic for small businesses. Now it is very easy for anyone to create a new account and leave positive or negative reviews for any business, whether you know them or not. Reputation management is a long and tedious process. Reviews are extremely important for any online business to build your reputation. So how can fake reviews affect your business?

Fake review can destroy trust

If you see fake reviews from the perspective of your customer or audience, if they find any fake reviews on your site, they will not trust your brand. Customers are very good at seeing fake reviews. There are a lot of companies out there that make money by selling fake reviews. He writes over thousands of reviews every day. So how can you prevent them from posting reviews on your site? If your visitors or customers check your page and find unstructured comments with rudimentary English posted at odd hours, they are definitely not going to trust you.

You can be fined and penalized

Google’s entire business is based on data. If you get unnatural reviews, you may be penalized by Google. If Google finds that you are trying to run its system, it will make you less likely to rank for relevant local search terms. This will result in less traffic to your website and less revenue. You can also be fined legally.So you should know about this because no one can predict the future.

Feeling good is bad

Almost every business has some positive and some negative reviews. But if your brand or website only has positive reviews, then the statement is “too good to be true”. If all positive reviews are found on your site, customers or visitors are more likely to doubt your gaming system. You managed to avoid all the negative reviews from your site, Google did not catch you, and you have not even been fined and punished. But you cannot escape from the customer’s thinking. Looking great sometimes leads to results that you might not have thought of.

Challenge with google

Google allows users to use an anonymous name and does not care about who your customers are. So it is easy for anyone to create an account and write negative or fake reviews on a website. It is difficult to prove one’s identity online. The second challenge is that a person does not have to be a customer to leave a review on any website. Anyone can leave a reply and Google can’t stop it.

How to answer fake review?

You need to respond quickly to all the fake reviews on your site despite knowing that they are fake, because even though your flag is reviewed, your prospects may still see them. This is why you should always answer. This is to show your customers your behavior in response to your customer dissatisfaction. Quick responses show your commitment to good customer service. Some do’s and don’ts in response to bad or fake online reviews.

2. Do all the reviews and reviews you want to flag.

While searching for reviews, I found this.  It would be nice if you guys arranged for interviews with different companies at least three times for each candidate. Do it. But you can check it on Google and You can flag and dispute to tell Su to delete. So how to do this? Go to the next step. 3. Click on the three vertical dots on the top-right corner of the review and “Flag as inappropriate” Click. See below for an example of a mock review image.

4. You will get two options,

Either “call Google and follow your flagged review status” or “get legal.” The “Get Legal” option will let you fill out the “Google Form for a Legal Eviction Request”. First option, “Call Google and follow your flagged review status”

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