Interview with SEO expert David Leonhardt

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In a word, online marketing has matured. When I first started in 2003, online marketing was simple. There were very few devices. Nobody invented HTML5. SEO was about all the keywords on your page and in your meta data. We worked at Netscape, collaborated with Alta Vista and bought and sold ezine advertisements. There was very little competition, and everyone was an independent newbie. Yes, the Wild West and the Garden of Eden. But it has matured. Now we have multiple browsers on multiple devices.And we have competition. Major companies are everywhere. In addition to serving large companies, there is now little room for freelancers. We all have to work hard for the competition.

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As any area fluctuates, one needs to diversify. A common fluctuation is seasonal. Many businesses do better at Christmas. Others do best in summer. Carrying a wide variety of products helps one prosper throughout the year. Even with products or services that have equal appeal throughout the year, it can help to create different communication strategies for different seasons. Coping with cyclical market fluctuations is difficult. I did not do it very well when the recession hit 2008. I should have.

My business model made it easy to move me up and down the scale. In other words, I should have made a profit whether the business was flowing freely or not. I know others who blew it as well. A useful skill would have been to better estimate the depth and breadth of the market downturn so that I could grow more quickly. Then, if you have that skill, invest in the stock market, not in online marketing.

4. As a digital marketer, which are some of the most important blunders you have suggested?

There are two important blunders. The first is falling in love with a niche because it is amazing. Most things that are truly amazing, no one will pay. A clean environment. art appreciation. Happiness. My first place was happiness. It started with my book: I learned the hard way, which no one does for pleasure. The silver lining is that I learned SEO to promote the book, and I had to write for others on less interesting topics for which they were happy to pay.

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The second rumble is to pick a niche as it has mostly income potential. There are many “gurus” trolling the internet, with advice on how to let the number pick your niche. There is no way to live it. You are selling your soul for something you do not believe in. Something that can’t beat your heart. There is no integrity in this approach. Both these blunders seem opposite. In fact, they are. They are two extremes. Poverty sucks. So luscious. Find that happy place in the middle – a place where you can do what you enjoy and people are willing to pay for it.

5. In the next 5 years, where do you see the scenario in relation to digital marketing?

Amazon and Google will own everything. We will all work for them. Okay, okay, this is an exaggeration. But it will be difficult, not easy. More importantly, the speed of change will reach dizzy heights. A. Drone drop-shipping smart home. More marketing channels. To optimize for more devices. Laser-tight marketing division. Even if a freelance marketer can afford all the technology that will drive our marketing systems, it will take a team to maintain all the best practices. The benefit of big companies will increase rapidly. I now see what my critical error was. I should have set up Amazon. The upside to my business is that the market for the dystopian novel Ghostwriters will remain strong.

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