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Interview with Eric Enge – An SEO Expert

When digital marketing was coming into existence, it was a very volatile environment. Many people were using spammy tactics, and they were working.  As companies such as Google and Facebook have matured, however, they have actively worked to create these spam tactics that no longer work. These days, it is important to learn how to execute things in the “right way” to be successful.

2. What skill sets do people need to be able to keep up with market fluctuations?

Digital marketers always require a keen desire to learn. The landscape is constantly changing, and those who can learn quickly have a huge advantage over those who do not. In the field of SEO, you also need a balance of technical and marketing skills. One moment you will be staring at the code, and the next day you may be a wild-eyed marketer.

SEO still comes down to some key concepts:

A solid site architecture that can crawl and understand search engines.
Great content that is unique and different from what is out there.
Effective promotion to help attract links and discuss online about your brand.
The hardest part for people to invest in is the 2nd – great content. Many people think that once they have produced good material that is their work, but it is not. Ultimately, your business should be known as the best in something, even if it is a specific niche related to your business. Figure out what will happen to your business, and then focus a lot of energy on it by producing content that showcases that expertise, and then be sure to promote it so that people become aware of it.

4. What is your opinion about hyper-personalization? Would you say that it works in most cases?

Personalization to stay here.  Of course, sometimes something goes wrong, but most of the time they detect these problems and use them to further improve their algorithms.

5. How effective has social media been in the digital journey and what are its opportunities for the future?

Social media is undergoing a major change. Companies like Facebook feel they need to restructure how they work to keep people on their platforms (this is a reference to the major new change they made about how their news feed works, which Platform they did to improve their user value).

As businesses, we can learn from him. In our activity on social media, are we driving real engagement? If not, we cannot get the value out of that activity. Real engagement means things like people commenting on our posts or clicking on their sites, or watching videos. Simple choices do not count for much. Building followers do not count too much. Learn how to build real relationships with people in social media, and how to create value for your business.

Just be aware that no one likes aggressively tough-selling tactics these days. What does this mean for your online advertising? Find out how to stimulate the interest of your target audience in your ads. The key to this is understanding the context where your ads will appear. If you have an advertisement for a digital camera for sale, and it is on a web page offering reviews of that camera, then it is okay for you to give people an advertisement that is for them to buy that camera Makes it easy. If your ad is on a news article page, you may want to focus on promoting related information content instead. In other words, use that advertisement to build your brand instead of trying to drive a direct conversion.

7. What is your view on effective marketing?

The reason is that influential people generally have a large reach in a market, and their opinions are also highly valued by the people they reach. If you can get an influential person doing what you are doing, and exposing others to what you are doing, then this can be great for you. You can definitely pay them, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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