How to make money using Shopify Dropshipping?

Suppose you own an e-commerce website. Now, as the owner of an ecommerce channel, you know that there are variables involved — customer strategic, stock availability, and seasonal findings. But most important of all is the involvement and maintenance of inventory to store your stock. However, there is always a better option that allows you to take advantage of it while simultaneously being beneficial to your business. Here, I am talking about Dropshipping. If you are unaware of what dropshipping is, I will guide you through it, and will also explain how to setup and earn money through a Shopify dropshipping account. I will also discuss how to set up an Alipax dropshipping and store an Obero dropshipping account.

What is dropshipping

If you are wondering what this new concept is, let me make clear the fact that dropshipping is not a new thing. As a matter of fact, it dates back to 1999, when Zappos, a Las Vegas-based shoe and apparel brand, incorporated this technology. So, what exactly is dropshipping? them directly to the customer. Here, the merchant has no involvement in the handling of the product.

What is the dropship model?

The dropship model is easier to consider. First, the customer buys and buys a product, which gets registered in your database. Second, a customer-made product order is sent to the third-party supplier from where you purchase your stock. Here, you are paying for your bulk purchases. Third, the third-party supplier ships the product directly to your customer’s address, where the product has been shipped under your company’s name.

You save a lot of money

When you own an e-commerce website, you know the various costs involved in each product that you cater to your customers. The product supply chain includes freight charges, transportation fees, employee fees, maintenance fees and of course inventory charges. However, with dropshipping, you save a lot of money, which includes huge cost-cutting. This, in turn, increases your profit margin.

You get a lot of productive time

Retail business requires a lot of time and management to be given consistently. can take very little time, involving a small number of people. With ecommerce drop shipping, half your time is free, because as a retailer, you will not be directly involved in the shipment process. In addition, you save a lot of time, which connects with the wholesaler to ship your product, and you ship the product to the customer. This definitely gives you more time to handle your business.

You can offer a wide range of products

Today, a typical product-oriented ecommerce store can outrank your competitors. Sure, you can go ahead and be the best at whatever product you are offering. But then, think about this — why would a customer buy from a single-product store rather than a store that sells many other products? A very big advantage of ecommerce drop shipping is that you can partner with wholesalers from a wide range of industries and sell a large range of products at your ecommerce store.

Enhances customer capabilities

Earlier, while the Direct-to-Customer concept was not considered to be a good idea, today, with the growth of e-commerce drop shipping, more and more e-commerce stores with wholesalers for direct-to-customer sales Are partnering. This certainly allows wholesalers to show the ability to work directly with established ecommerce platforms, thus not only catering to the Direct-to-Customer Sales model, but also increasing trust and reliability.

Makes you a great choice for retailers

Not everyone owns a great inventory of Bigshot retail stores. That is why the decline is increasing at a good pace. With the increasing demand from dropshipping suppliers, you can easily become an option of partnering with branded retailer’s drop shipping companies.

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