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Currently South Africa does not own any satellite in the BRICS group. The groups of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are known as BRICS. An agreement is underway between all these countries to create a group of satellites and to share information from each other’s satellites. Each country will provide one to two satellites for the group. Seabers satellites will be included in the group.

A satellite monitoring the Earth jointly developed by China and Brazil launched into space on 20 December. The launch took place under a bilateral program which is seen as a model of broad cooperation between BRICS countries.

China’s official news agency Xinhua reported that the Sino-Brazilian Earth Resource Satellite-4A was launched on a long March-4B rocket in China’s northern province of Chanxi. These satellites were the 6th satellite to be developed under the Sino-Brazilian Earth Resources (Seabers) program started in 1988, these satellites have been designed to monitor Earth from space for civilian use.

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