Everything you need to know about G Suite Business

If you own a business, or you are new to the market, and let me tell you that there is a tool that can help you stream your entire business online as easily as possible, then you probably believe me Do not.Yes, you are getting it right. This is by Google. Want to know more about this efficient device? let’s get started.

What is g suit
In the 18th year of the 21st century, almost every Internet user has a Gmail account. So, imagine your original Gmail account. Except one thing- your email id [email protected] Getting a picture? The G Suite is an ensemble of applications used for email purposes. By now, you may have understood what I am explaining here. With G Suite, you get apps that help you stay in sync with email.

G Suite Business is easy to use

When you are handling a business, the last thing you want is a messed up communication tool. However, G Suite makes business easier. The G Suite tools are easy to use and are fully efficient and reliable. Not only this, Google Apps for Work gets your business to the top rung with high recognition in no time

G Suite Business is Cheap

When your business goes online, it requires a lot of tools to integrate it properly. While these apps help in many ways, they are usually quite pocket-pinching. The G Suite business on hand, is not only extremely efficient, but with its extensive tools, it is much cheaper than other cloud computing tools on the Internet.

G suit business is familiar

As I already said, the G Suite is just like a normal Gmail interface, except that it is slightly more advanced for business purposes. However, this does not remove the fact that most Google tools in the G Suite business are familiar to use. This alone makes for its great success for its use in many businesses.

G Suite Business is convenient

Have you ever used an online cloud computing tool, but have been completely irritated by its deceptive features? With G Suite Business, you will not have to face such situations. Google applications for work are very convenient and easy to use, thus making your work a lot easier, and your business gets better.

G Suite Business Secure

Today the world is so digitally advanced, one of its main concerns is online security. Even though there are devices that offer computing solutions, their servers often have access to our data. The G Suite Business, however, is considered far more secure and highly reliable than any other device.

What are the different pricing of G Suite?

By now you must have understood how G Suite is different from any other tool you have used so far. And given that it is cheaper than other devices, it is high time you start using these Google applications for work. But before that, let me take you on a tour of the pricing details of the G Suite.

Business email via Gmail – lets you open a mailing system with your company’s domain name
Video and voice conferencing – lets you schedule and lead meetings with clients that have a distant geographic


Shared Calendar – lets you create your own content and business calendars, which you can share with your team as well as your customersDocuments and spreadsheets – lets you work on all kinds of documents on the Google interface, which are easily shared via Google Drive24 * 7 Support – In case of glitches, you can always count on Google’s customer support, which provides round the clock technical support
30 GB Storage – With 30 GB of Restore Cloud Storage, you get plenty of space for your files.

With all these amazing features that the G Suite Basic plan offers, you must be assuming that it will be quite expensive. But, no, it is not. The G Suite Basic plan is INR 150 per user per month, or INR 1500 per user per year, for special taxes. Pretty cheap, isn’t it?

G Suite Business Pricing Plan

G Suite Business has all the features included in the G Suite Basic plan, as well as some additional features that make it a great tool to implement in your business. Additional features:

Unlimited Cloud Storage –

When your business is running at full speed, cloud storage should not be a problem for you. This has been noted by G Suite Business, which provides unlimited cloud storage. Or, if your G Suite Business platform has fewer than five users, you can get 1TB per user
Cloud Search – With many files locked in your G Suite, things can get a bit tiresome. This is finished by Cloud Search of G Suite Business, which allows you to easily view and access all your files.
Archive – G Suite Business will give you its important for future reference…

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