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Delete Smartphone data

The smartphone has become an important part of our life. Each smartphone keeps its own personal photo, other documents including video in the user’s phone. The phone also stores many of our important information. We feel that we are keeping our data safe in the phone, but it is not. Data saved on the smartphone can sometimes cause problems. Actually, we use all the smartphones for a while and then give it to someone or sell them. However, caution is required before selling your phone to anyone.

Data from Factory Reset is not completely deleted:

We use the factory reset option to delete all the phone’s data, but this option does not completely delete your phone’s data. Let us tell you that Factory Reset marks the delete of your data instead of deletes it. If it is understood in easy language then this data is hid on the second location. However, you do not have to worry about this. Here we are telling you a way that will completely delete the data of your android phone.

Encrypt Device Storage:

Before resetting the factory, you have to convert data into cryptic format. After this, factory resetting is preferable. Doing this will delete your phone’s data completely. If there is still anything in your phone after this, it will only appear in the cracked file. It can not even be recovered.
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