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Commendation of Chandrayaan-2 Mission

ndia’s second lunar mission Chandrayaan-2 is being appreciated worldwide. Now the citizens of China have also praised the ISRO scientists involved in this campaign. Posting on a Twitter-like Chinese micro-blogging site, he appealed to scientists not to lose hope and continue their search in space.

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One user wrote, ‘Want to collect all new information about space. It does not matter which person or country has achieved success. Everyone should be appreciated. Those who failed temporarily should also be encouraged. ‘ Some users said that Indian scientists have put in a lot of effort and sacrifice to explore space, which is praiseworthy.

In a post on another website called Jihu, a Chinese user said, ‘We are all in the middle, but some of us are looking at the stars. If any country dares to explore more about space, it should be respected.

China Has Landed on The Moon

China is the third country to make a soft landing on the moon after the US, Russia. In 2013, it launched its first spacecraft Chang’e-3 on the moon. Chang’e-4 was launched in December 2018. In January this year, the plane landed on the part of the moon that was not visible from the earth.

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