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Ludo game kesi khele

Ludo King लोकप्रियता (Ludo King Popularity)

वैसे Ludo King की Popularity यानि की लोकप्रियता पेले से ही जब Ludo King लॉन्च हुवा था। 17 -Dec -2016 में Ludo King प्ले स्टोर पर ये लॉन्च हुवा था। आज इसके 100 मिलियन से ज्यादा डाऊनलोड हो गए है। और इसको 4.2 स्टार दिया गया है। जो काफी बड़ी बात है।
Ludo King विराट कोहली और कएल राहुल भी खेल रहे थे उन्होंने सोशल मिडिया पर आप देख सकते हो इसके बारे में।

Covid 19 कोरोना वायरस का असर Ludo King

और आज कल तो लोग Covild 19 कोरोना वायरस की वजह से जो देश भर में लोकडाउन की वजहसे घर में बैठे बैठे बोर हो रहे हे , तो इस लिए परिवार के साथ आज कल सब Ludo King खेल रहे है। इसमे सबको टाइम पास भी होजाता है और मजा भी बहुत आता है .और ये आप दूर के दोस्त या जो आपके सगे सबंधी जो आपसे दूर है उसके साथ भी Ludo King का आनंद उठा सकते हो।

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कैसे खेले Ludo King (How to play Ludo King)

तो Ludo King की पहले आपको प्लयस्टोर पर से डाऊनलोड करना होगा। फिर इनस्टॉल हो जाये उसके बाद गेम ओपन करके गेस्ट या फेसबुक पर लॉगिंग करना होगा फिर आप आपने दोस्तों के साथ खेल सकते है। फिर आपको इसमें होम पेज पे कही ऑप्शन मिले गे। और इसमें आप Snakes and Laddes गेम भी खेल सकते हैं। बाद में आप पाय विथ फ्रेंड लिखा होंगा उसपे क्लिक करके दोस्तों के साथ खेल सकते है। और आप कलर भी चूज कर सकते हो अपना फिर ज्वाइन करके खेल सकते ऑनलइन दूर के लोगो के साथ , जैसे ही आप ज्वाइन पर क्लिक करेंगे आपको एक कोड मिलेगा उसे आप सेर करके उसके साथ खेल सकते है।

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Free Website For Editing Your Photo

वीडियो देखने के लिए क्लिक करे: Click Here

Google Photos has included a brand new attribute called’Memories’ to assist users rediscover pictures right. The Memories attribute would function just like the one on Snapchat or even Instagram, displaying pictures taken during precisely the exact same period per year, three decades, two decades or longer previously.

“We’re using Machine learning how to curate what seems in Memories, and therefore you don’t need to parse through several replicate shots, and also you may rather reflect on the top ones, in which the photographs have great quality and the children are grinning,” stated Shimrit Ben-Yair, Google Photos, direct to Thursday.

Google can also be adding the ability to purchase prints for either pickup or delivery to the house.

“You can use Google Photos to immediately find and create your memories into a photograph book.

The US search giant has rolled out for their Google Photos library.

For this, users would have the ability to copy text and paste them in notes or a word file. This works on iOS programs and Android, in addition to the web client.

Google had introduced Google Photos known as and a alternative. The photo gallery program was made to work offline and automatically populate photographs using Machine Learning (ML) and assist first time smartphone owners readily locate, edit, and manage photos, with no demand for Cloud or Internet backup.

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The program that is mild comes together with a number of filters with editing tools for immediate fixes.

Among other specifications, you’ll receive 32GB of storage, microSD card slot (up to 512GB), an back fingerprint sensor, and a 4,000mAh battery using 15W rapid charging service. The phone also includes a double rear camera setup that contains a 13-megapixel main rear camera using an f/1.9 aperture plus a 5-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera. Samsung has packaged an shot.

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How to Remove Google Assistant Memory for Remember Thing?

वीडियो देखने के लिए क्लिक करे: Click Here

You can say Google Assitant to forget the thing that they remember. You can say “Forget my wife birthdate” or “Forgot all that I ask you to remember” and select the “Forget #” option to erase any of the listed items from Google’s memory.

You can say something like,
– What is my wife birthdate?
– Where I parked the car?
– What is my hotel room number?
– What is my area pin code?
– What is the favorite color?
– What’s my bike number?

If Google Assitant is not understood your question, you can say “What did I ask you to remember”. It will show a list of the 5 most recent things you’ve asked Google to remember.

To start, launch the Google Assistant App on your phone. Now say “Remember…” followed by the information you would like Google to remember.

For Example:
– Remember that my wife birthdate is 27 August
– Remember that I parked the car on the 1st floor
– Remember that my hotel room number is 444
– Remember that my area pin code is 3800**
– Remember my favorite color is black
– Remember that my bike number is GJ 1 ****

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You can launch the Google Assistant anytime in future and ask Google for information that was previously stored by you.

How do you remember important things that think you may forget? The answer is, you write down notes of it or else try to remember that thing. There are lots of digital notes app available on market to write down notes but today we are telling you something different than that digital notes.

Google Assistant the voice assistant app that is now available on newer Android phones. If you have not downloaded and install the Google Assistant App then download it from play store and enjoy voice assistant.

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Everything you need to know about G Suite Business

If you own a business, or you are new to the market, and let me tell you that there is a tool that can help you stream your entire business online as easily as possible, then you probably believe me Do not.Yes, you are getting it right. This is by Google. Want to know more about this efficient device? let’s get started.

What is g suit
In the 18th year of the 21st century, almost every Internet user has a Gmail account. So, imagine your original Gmail account. Except one thing- your email id [email protected] Getting a picture? The G Suite is an ensemble of applications used for email purposes. By now, you may have understood what I am explaining here. With G Suite, you get apps that help you stay in sync with email.

G Suite Business is easy to use

When you are handling a business, the last thing you want is a messed up communication tool. However, G Suite makes business easier. The G Suite tools are easy to use and are fully efficient and reliable. Not only this, Google Apps for Work gets your business to the top rung with high recognition in no time

G Suite Business is Cheap

When your business goes online, it requires a lot of tools to integrate it properly. While these apps help in many ways, they are usually quite pocket-pinching. The G Suite business on hand, is not only extremely efficient, but with its extensive tools, it is much cheaper than other cloud computing tools on the Internet.

G suit business is familiar

As I already said, the G Suite is just like a normal Gmail interface, except that it is slightly more advanced for business purposes. However, this does not remove the fact that most Google tools in the G Suite business are familiar to use. This alone makes for its great success for its use in many businesses.

G Suite Business is convenient

Have you ever used an online cloud computing tool, but have been completely irritated by its deceptive features? With G Suite Business, you will not have to face such situations. Google applications for work are very convenient and easy to use, thus making your work a lot easier, and your business gets better.

G Suite Business Secure

Today the world is so digitally advanced, one of its main concerns is online security. Even though there are devices that offer computing solutions, their servers often have access to our data. The G Suite Business, however, is considered far more secure and highly reliable than any other device.

What are the different pricing of G Suite?

By now you must have understood how G Suite is different from any other tool you have used so far. And given that it is cheaper than other devices, it is high time you start using these Google applications for work. But before that, let me take you on a tour of the pricing details of the G Suite.

Business email via Gmail – lets you open a mailing system with your company’s domain name
Video and voice conferencing – lets you schedule and lead meetings with clients that have a distant geographic


Shared Calendar – lets you create your own content and business calendars, which you can share with your team as well as your customersDocuments and spreadsheets – lets you work on all kinds of documents on the Google interface, which are easily shared via Google Drive24 * 7 Support – In case of glitches, you can always count on Google’s customer support, which provides round the clock technical support
30 GB Storage – With 30 GB of Restore Cloud Storage, you get plenty of space for your files.

With all these amazing features that the G Suite Basic plan offers, you must be assuming that it will be quite expensive. But, no, it is not. The G Suite Basic plan is INR 150 per user per month, or INR 1500 per user per year, for special taxes. Pretty cheap, isn’t it?

G Suite Business Pricing Plan

G Suite Business has all the features included in the G Suite Basic plan, as well as some additional features that make it a great tool to implement in your business. Additional features:

Unlimited Cloud Storage –

When your business is running at full speed, cloud storage should not be a problem for you. This has been noted by G Suite Business, which provides unlimited cloud storage. Or, if your G Suite Business platform has fewer than five users, you can get 1TB per user
Cloud Search – With many files locked in your G Suite, things can get a bit tiresome. This is finished by Cloud Search of G Suite Business, which allows you to easily view and access all your files.
Archive – G Suite Business will give you its important for future reference…


An exceptional relationship with digital marketing expert Jacob Warwick

Although a relatively new marketing trend, digital marketing has already come a long way in the world of marketing. It has given ample opportunities for brands and businesses to grow, and has provided the digital industry with great experts who make digital marketing easy and sensible. We, at Digital Ready, work closely with Mr. Jacob Warwick, a great digital marketing expert, and we bring to you our great ideas in various areas of digital marketing. Jacob is the founder and managing director of ThinkWare, a performance-driven consultancy that provides superb brand and marketing strategies to help businesses make the most of their strategic marketing functions. With his amazing skill set, Jacob has helped many brands with their digital marketing strategies.

1. What would you consider as some of your most reliable SEO practices, or how has your SEO journey been so far while promoting a piece of content?

“When it comes to SEO, I believe in partnering with businesses that have more credibility than my own. When you join the community managers of a large company there is always a lot of symbiotic benefit. Most people partner with a large group of people, and for example, produce content such as expert roundups. Of course, these roundups also have advantages, however, they are mostly short-lived.

The trick is to focus on a few people in a company’s core team. When you produce authentic and high quality content related to that core team, those people share it for you, and you get your necessary backlinks. True, this process can take a long time. But the opposite is that it is ethical and you get to build great relationships with some important people of a company. This is definitely a win-win situation. In addition, when you produce your content, you completely control every related aspect such as keywords, or meta descriptions, such as how the message is being portrayed, how Google bots will crawl it, and more. Also, you get better information. Contestants advance. ”

2. As a digital marketer, which of the most important blunders do you suggest to avoid being a budding digital marketer?

“When you work with or for someone as a digital marketer, you will be expected to handle a lot of tasks from different fields, which is a good thing because it adds versatility to your work. When you get different range of jobs, don’t hold back from taking it and proving your worth. However, it has been said, never dominate yourself. You want to finish all the work you’ve assigned, but in a hurry to do so, you can eventually mess up the quality of the work. If you need help, ask for it. So make sure that you do the task smoothly, while still delivering it successfully. ”

“In the future, the digital marketplace should be transformed into a more personal space. Although it will become narrower, it will also become more mature and better, mostly due to different technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, and also because marketers will begin to understand data better. In addition, marketers need to identify the actual segments that are included. For example, the millennium is not a clause. ”

5. What would you consider as some best practices in the context of media planning?

“In my time of working, I did not think much about media planning and shopping. Nevertheless, whenever I need to work on it, I look for opportunities to reduce CPC, even if its value is low. Basically, it doesn’t matter what you spend per click, if you are focusing on ROI. Companies like Element have a 600% return on their assets, which is actually very good. Also, I like to experiment with different opportunities out there. ”

6. What do you think about hypersensitivity?

“First things first, it shouldn’t be a robot. Personalization is very important. It can take a lot of time and effort, but it’s worth it. Over the next 4 years, market data and maturity are going to drive individually. This can be a gap line between big shots that can be spent on their personalization strategies, and smaller ones for you and up-and-coming companies who opt for automated personalization tools. Nate. However, I believe personal interaction should be more than automation, because it makes for a better relationship. ”



7 amazing movies that marketers and entrepreneurs should absolutely watch

There is probably no person who does not watch movies. And, as Indians, we are all definitely head-heels in love with films from all regions and all countries. However, if you think that movies are just about spice and action, then you are very wrong. Since the development of films, there has been a vast majority of them, and there are also films for markets and entrepreneurs! So if you are a budding entrepreneur, eager to make it big in the market, these are some of the movies that you definitely have to watch.

Released in 2001 and starring’s Kalil Izza Tuzman and Tom Harman, is a documentary about the dot-com company govWorks. The company, initially known as Public Data Systems, was founded in 1998 by Kalil Isza Tuzman, Tom Herman and Chieh Cheung. govWorks focused on providing software to government clients to track contracts and purchase functions. Back in 2000, when the dot-com crisis grew larger, like many other companies, govWorks went bankrupt. Nevertheless, it serves as a great case study for marketers and helps them avoid making mistakes that can be avoided.

The Wolf of Wall Street

There is no film list that does not suggest the Wall Street of Wall Street for marketers. This is the best film you can take as a guide if you want it to be an inspirational market. Based on the true story and memoir of Jordan Belfort starring Leonardo DiCaprio as a former stockbroker and Jordan, Wolf of Wall Street travels through how Jordan begins his career at a Wall Street brokerage company.

By the age of 26, they have not only opened their own firm, Stratton Oakmont, but they have also managed to make $ 22 million in just 3 hours, though by illegally securing Steve Madden’s IPO. After this, he and his other trusted partners continue to cheat wealthy investors with their money, until the FBI finds out about their scam. After chasing a cat and mouse, Jordan is eventually arrested. After his release, he decided to stay clean and hosted seminars and talks, helping people work on their sales techniques.

Social network

There is not a single person on the Internet who does not use Facebook. Facebook is one of the most used social networking sites today, thanks to the idea that originated in a dorm room at Harvard University. While there have been various controversies associated with Facebook, the introduction of the idea is something every entrepreneur should look for in order to make it big in a truly competitive world.The film also highlights legal disputes that Mark had with Facebook.

boiler room

Often regarded as a crime drama film, The Boiler Room, in fact, qualifies as a great case study for marketers and entrepreneurs. The film talks about a 19-year-old college dropout who runs an illegal casino in his rented apartment.  But when his father ridicules him, he joins a brokerage firm. When he hits the box of luck, and immediately begins to succeed. The film describes the various ups and downs that revolve around businesses.

pursuit of happiness

Happiness aims at more than just the emotional story of a father and his son. It is based on the true story of Christopher Gardner, who invested in a bone density scanner and should have sold. However, being unable to sell to anyone, he not only loses his job and credit card, but his wife also leaves him. He manages to get a job as an intern with a brokerage firm, but receives no payment for it. The film is a must watch for entrepreneurs and market people as it teaches a lot about how to deal with difficulties and how to overcome them.

12 hot men

Considered one of the classiest films of all time, 12 Angry Men is a classic 1957 film. The film revolves around the murder case of a juvenile and 12 gamblers whose duty it is to give a final verdict for the trial. Throughout the film, various evidence and points are discussed against the boy, and everyone tries to decide unanimously. However, there is one person who persists in his decision to convict the boy. While the film is considered as a crime drama, one of the great lessons that all marketers can learn from 12 Angry Men is the power of persuasion. In today’s highly competitive world, trying to stay ahead in the race requires being highly skilled in the art of persuasion, and this film definitely teaches how you can do finely, but positively in someone’s way. Turn around the decision.


How to make money using Shopify Dropshipping?

Suppose you own an e-commerce website. Now, as the owner of an ecommerce channel, you know that there are variables involved — customer strategic, stock availability, and seasonal findings. But most important of all is the involvement and maintenance of inventory to store your stock. However, there is always a better option that allows you to take advantage of it while simultaneously being beneficial to your business. Here, I am talking about Dropshipping. If you are unaware of what dropshipping is, I will guide you through it, and will also explain how to setup and earn money through a Shopify dropshipping account. I will also discuss how to set up an Alipax dropshipping and store an Obero dropshipping account.

What is dropshipping

If you are wondering what this new concept is, let me make clear the fact that dropshipping is not a new thing. As a matter of fact, it dates back to 1999, when Zappos, a Las Vegas-based shoe and apparel brand, incorporated this technology. So, what exactly is dropshipping? them directly to the customer. Here, the merchant has no involvement in the handling of the product.

What is the dropship model?

The dropship model is easier to consider. First, the customer buys and buys a product, which gets registered in your database. Second, a customer-made product order is sent to the third-party supplier from where you purchase your stock. Here, you are paying for your bulk purchases. Third, the third-party supplier ships the product directly to your customer’s address, where the product has been shipped under your company’s name.

You save a lot of money

When you own an e-commerce website, you know the various costs involved in each product that you cater to your customers. The product supply chain includes freight charges, transportation fees, employee fees, maintenance fees and of course inventory charges. However, with dropshipping, you save a lot of money, which includes huge cost-cutting. This, in turn, increases your profit margin.

You get a lot of productive time

Retail business requires a lot of time and management to be given consistently. can take very little time, involving a small number of people. With ecommerce drop shipping, half your time is free, because as a retailer, you will not be directly involved in the shipment process. In addition, you save a lot of time, which connects with the wholesaler to ship your product, and you ship the product to the customer. This definitely gives you more time to handle your business.

You can offer a wide range of products

Today, a typical product-oriented ecommerce store can outrank your competitors. Sure, you can go ahead and be the best at whatever product you are offering. But then, think about this — why would a customer buy from a single-product store rather than a store that sells many other products? A very big advantage of ecommerce drop shipping is that you can partner with wholesalers from a wide range of industries and sell a large range of products at your ecommerce store.

Enhances customer capabilities

Earlier, while the Direct-to-Customer concept was not considered to be a good idea, today, with the growth of e-commerce drop shipping, more and more e-commerce stores with wholesalers for direct-to-customer sales Are partnering. This certainly allows wholesalers to show the ability to work directly with established ecommerce platforms, thus not only catering to the Direct-to-Customer Sales model, but also increasing trust and reliability.

Makes you a great choice for retailers

Not everyone owns a great inventory of Bigshot retail stores. That is why the decline is increasing at a good pace. With the increasing demand from dropshipping suppliers, you can easily become an option of partnering with branded retailer’s drop shipping companies.