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Ludo game kesi khele

Ludo King लोकप्रियता (Ludo King Popularity)

वैसे Ludo King की Popularity यानि की लोकप्रियता पेले से ही जब Ludo King लॉन्च हुवा था। 17 -Dec -2016 में Ludo King प्ले स्टोर पर ये लॉन्च हुवा था। आज इसके 100 मिलियन से ज्यादा डाऊनलोड हो गए है। और इसको 4.2 स्टार दिया गया है। जो काफी बड़ी बात है।
Ludo King विराट कोहली और कएल राहुल भी खेल रहे थे उन्होंने सोशल मिडिया पर आप देख सकते हो इसके बारे में।

Covid 19 कोरोना वायरस का असर Ludo King

और आज कल तो लोग Covild 19 कोरोना वायरस की वजह से जो देश भर में लोकडाउन की वजहसे घर में बैठे बैठे बोर हो रहे हे , तो इस लिए परिवार के साथ आज कल सब Ludo King खेल रहे है। इसमे सबको टाइम पास भी होजाता है और मजा भी बहुत आता है .और ये आप दूर के दोस्त या जो आपके सगे सबंधी जो आपसे दूर है उसके साथ भी Ludo King का आनंद उठा सकते हो।

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कैसे खेले Ludo King (How to play Ludo King)

तो Ludo King की पहले आपको प्लयस्टोर पर से डाऊनलोड करना होगा। फिर इनस्टॉल हो जाये उसके बाद गेम ओपन करके गेस्ट या फेसबुक पर लॉगिंग करना होगा फिर आप आपने दोस्तों के साथ खेल सकते है। फिर आपको इसमें होम पेज पे कही ऑप्शन मिले गे। और इसमें आप Snakes and Laddes गेम भी खेल सकते हैं। बाद में आप पाय विथ फ्रेंड लिखा होंगा उसपे क्लिक करके दोस्तों के साथ खेल सकते है। और आप कलर भी चूज कर सकते हो अपना फिर ज्वाइन करके खेल सकते ऑनलइन दूर के लोगो के साथ , जैसे ही आप ज्वाइन पर क्लिक करेंगे आपको एक कोड मिलेगा उसे आप सेर करके उसके साथ खेल सकते है।

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Imp in WordPress Site SEO

Technical marketing tools can be difficult to fully utilize due to lack of knowledge or lack of funds for small businesses. Somehow, this puts smaller companies at a disadvantage different from large companies with deep pockets.

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The good news here is that there is a digital marketing strategy that any company of any size can use without spending an arm and a leg. This marketing method is called SEO which is for search engine optimization.

It is one of the easiest and most effective marketing methods currently available. Here you will find tips, advice and information on getting started with SEO for your small business.

You need a website

The first thing you need is a website and social media account. Without these two things, you will not be able to use SEO as all methods and techniques revolve around your website and social media accounts. So, if you don’t already have a website, the first step you need to take is this.

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This can be done in many different ways; The first way is to hire a professional or digital agency to create a website for you. It is a viable and excellent option; However, this is not the best option for small businesses who are trying to establish their digital marketing on a tight budget.

Another option is to build a website yourself. This is only a viable option if you have a great deal of prior knowledge to build a website. It takes a specific knowledge base to be able to do it correctly on its own.

This brings us to option number three using a Premier website hosting service. It is the best option for many small businesses.

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Now, you need to know how to go about setting up a website with a hosted service. The first step is to research the various hosted services that are available. Each person is slightly different and each has its pros and cons. After deciding which service to use, you will need to set up an account with that service.

Depending on how much customization you need and what your budget actually is, you will need to choose a plan. Most hosting services offer everything from affordable plans to affordable plans and premium services that are slightly more on the expensive side.

If you can give a free plan to everyone, don’t worry, you can do this work for your benefit. After setting up an account and choosing your plan, the next step is to set up the actual website. Be sure to choose colors and themes that match your logo and business theme.

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What is DSEE HX on smartphones and headphones from Sony

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The color indicates the amplitude values ​​that we capture. Because of this, when we take just 5 dimensions within a second, we will just have this misunderstanding in electronic recording with a gorgeous smooth audio waveform (we are only connected to pink dots): it is not exactly what it was before. And if you try to convert a recording to audio quality, you will probably be disgusted. How to proceed? Naturally, you will have to take “pictures” (samples) of the audio wave more often, that is, to list the voltage 2 times in one second: on the album we get an image, which is the same as before, but Far from it: to get as near as possible as possible and seems as fine as they seemed to exist, we got a whole lot more of analog signal samples (photos) Should be taken

If the rate is not large enough, we can leave the valleys and peaks of this wave, which will affect the quality. In other words, the frequency of sampling that is minimal destroys data of granularity and frequency range. So what is the speed of an MP3 file? How many “snapshots” are saved in this document every second? The first thing you need to see is an MP3 file which is currently a lossy compressed sound CD.

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There is another important parameter that affects the standard of audio recording, known as bit thickness. To find out what this is, let us return to our wave drawing. Here we put pink directly at a certain interval across the line of this wave. We can set a point in other words, the sign is browsed by us accurately every fifth of the moment. But imagine that you cannot place a platform at altitude everywhere, this sign you did not browse. And you want to place a point right off the mark, on the tide, that is, maybe not. But read about it. Now we will remove everything and revel in electronic recording (the left side will be the first analog , And the same has happened as a result on the right side too) You don’t have to be a professional to realize that a copy does not correspond to the first.

And here we arrive at the notion of bit thickness or thickness of audio, which can be expressed in bits. Bit depth and detail show that we can capture the value of this voltage (or amplitude) at every specific moment. This is not enough to increase the reading frequency of the signal, you want to do it in detail. Imagine 3000 or 300 digits, although we do not have 3 marks on the axis. This will allow us to capture the value of this signal. Additionally, with a larger vibrant range.

This is a bit depth (bitness) that can also be known as a lively assortment of noise, because the higher the depth of this piece, the greater the difference between the loudest and quietest sound (in decibels) about the listing.

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Earn Money From group in Whatsapp?

वीडियो देखने के लिए क्लिक करे: Click Here

The interview experience is always scary and for anyone. You will feel that terrible feeling, especially if you are going to interview a company you are not very aware of or confident about your skills. Digital marketing is a new, dynamic, developed and burgeoning field. Each marketing field has different requirements. A digital marketing agency wants to see something unique and different for each role for you. You should always do something while going for a digital marketing interview. So what mistakes should you avoid? Here are the top 10 must-haves to avoid making digital marketing interview mistakes.

1. There is no information about the company you are interviewing for.

Each digital marketing company will appoint a candidate who knows about their company because you are the one who can help them achieve their goals. The same goes for a digital marketing agency. A digital marketing company wants to make people emotional. So doing research for the company for which you are going to interview is always a great job. Research everything about the latest updates, news, clients, competing companies, markets, etc. about the company. A company will not hire anyone who has no knowledge about the company or who does not care to complete the research before coming to the interview. The interviewers have proof that you are going to be a good fit for their company.

2. Misunderstanding of the job role you are interviewing for

It is not just about doing research about the company. You have to know clearly the role you are interviewing for. Example – Suppose you are going to interview for an SEO executive, then it makes no sense for you to go to an interview prepared for AdWord Analyst. It is good to know all the job roles but especially understand the job role for which you are going to interview. Write the skills required for the job role on your CV and to build it, go through your CV repeatedly. Researching the company and understanding the job role are the two most important points about which you should end your dream job soon. Want to know more about digital marketing.

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3. Forget Your Evidence

It is not a disadvantage to discuss his work in an interview.  will be like icing on the cake. What would be better than showing the job you did in the interview where your job role will be the same? Yes, you got it right. Show your evidence where you think your job role will fit for the work you do. Forgetting the evidence is like going to a party without wearing that perfect fashionable dress.

4. No Preparation for Digital Marketing Journals

Digital marketing interview questions are filled with jargon. You have to brush all the jars before going to the interview. Example – An interviewer will not ask questions like what is search engine optimization. Instead, he will ask you what SEO is. What is PPC rather than pay-per-click. Visit our blog “Top 10 Videos” to understand digital marketing. ”

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7 amazing ways how Snapchat can grow your business

In 2011, when Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown, three students at Stanford University, created and released Snapchat, it spread exactly like wildfire in time. The concept involved was unique. Snapchat was not like any other photo-sharing app. It came with a very distinctive feature — people can add photos known as “Snapchat Stories”, but these stories will only last 24 hours. Back in 2011, it was definitely a great feature to attract a crowd of viewers, and since then, Snapchat culture has captured almost all of it.

Now, in 2018, with nearly 190 million daily active users globally, Snapchat has definitely become one of the most used social media platforms. But there is something more interesting here. Snapchat is not just for individuals to snap their photos for their family and friends, but has also become a great way for businesses to expand their reach. If you own a brand, but have not yet used Snapchat to your followers, then there is something you are missing. But don’t worry, here we are telling you how and why to use Snapchat for business.

Can Snapchat help my business?

If you are still thinking about whether or not Snapchat marketing will be effective, then yes, you will be happy to know that Snapchat is of great benefit for business purposes. Need to explain more? Let us take you through some statistics. The number of “snaps” updated daily is up to 7.6 million worldwide

1. Use a demo product

If your brand is launching a new product, you can use Snapchat as a starting platform for businesses to launch your product. Given Snapchat’s user base, if your brand launches the first look of a new product, with its use, it is bound to get a lot of audience views and mentions. When KFC Australia joined Snapchat, it carved out a niche by introducing the new double soft shell Ginger Taco. In the first 3 hours of launch, KFC Australia’s Snap was viewed over 3000 times. This resulted in a very busy fan base, which was really targeted.

2. Go to account takeover

This not only promotes a greater brand awareness, but the person who runs your account for a specific period of time gets to show your brand to the audience from their point of view. You can take an influential person or your staff member to your Snapchat account for a day, or a week, and let them make snacks about your brand from your perspective. In this way, they can ask their own followers to investigate brand acquisition snaps. Prior to the release of their film, X-Men: Apocalypse, on May 23, 2017, the team at X-Men made a massive acquisition on Snapchat, where, for the entire day, all of the filters on Snapchat were based on characters in the movie. Apart from drawing a huge amount of viewers to the film as well, it received around 1.5 billion views.

3. Give your followers a sneak peak

As a token of appreciation, when you launch a new product, you can provide a special preview of the new product to your regular followers. In this way, your followers get to know that you care about your audience, and as a result, they become more engaged, and also share photos about your brand, which also creates excitement among the general audience. is. Renowned cosmetics company NARS released a new Guy Bourdin Color cosmetics collection. But the way to do it was extraordinary. NARS posted about the new collection on its Twitter page, where someone prematurely added the company to their Snapchat account list, which was eligible to catch a special preview of the new product. This strategy was highly successful, leading to large product sales later.

4. Do not forget the influencer

Influencers are a big part of marketing strategies, thanks to their huge follower base. Partnering with Snapchat’s influencers can help your brand in many ways. Be sure to collaborate with an influential person who shares the same interests as your brand, as it gives you a push to work for your target audience. Snapchat’s influencers can direct a large amount of audience towards your brand, which works well for your brand awareness. To promote their “back-to-school” campaign, which was designed specifically to provide workstations in the dorm room, furniture giant IKEA, combined with impressive superfruit.


Interview with SEO expert David Leonhardt

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In a word, online marketing has matured. When I first started in 2003, online marketing was simple. There were very few devices. Nobody invented HTML5. SEO was about all the keywords on your page and in your meta data. We worked at Netscape, collaborated with Alta Vista and bought and sold ezine advertisements. There was very little competition, and everyone was an independent newbie. Yes, the Wild West and the Garden of Eden. But it has matured. Now we have multiple browsers on multiple devices.And we have competition. Major companies are everywhere. In addition to serving large companies, there is now little room for freelancers. We all have to work hard for the competition.

वीडियो देखने के लिए रीद ओफिसिअल सोर्स पे क्लीक करे

As any area fluctuates, one needs to diversify. A common fluctuation is seasonal. Many businesses do better at Christmas. Others do best in summer. Carrying a wide variety of products helps one prosper throughout the year. Even with products or services that have equal appeal throughout the year, it can help to create different communication strategies for different seasons. Coping with cyclical market fluctuations is difficult. I did not do it very well when the recession hit 2008. I should have.

My business model made it easy to move me up and down the scale. In other words, I should have made a profit whether the business was flowing freely or not. I know others who blew it as well. A useful skill would have been to better estimate the depth and breadth of the market downturn so that I could grow more quickly. Then, if you have that skill, invest in the stock market, not in online marketing.

4. As a digital marketer, which are some of the most important blunders you have suggested?

There are two important blunders. The first is falling in love with a niche because it is amazing. Most things that are truly amazing, no one will pay. A clean environment. art appreciation. Happiness. My first place was happiness. It started with my book: I learned the hard way, which no one does for pleasure. The silver lining is that I learned SEO to promote the book, and I had to write for others on less interesting topics for which they were happy to pay.

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The second rumble is to pick a niche as it has mostly income potential. There are many “gurus” trolling the internet, with advice on how to let the number pick your niche. There is no way to live it. You are selling your soul for something you do not believe in. Something that can’t beat your heart. There is no integrity in this approach. Both these blunders seem opposite. In fact, they are. They are two extremes. Poverty sucks. So luscious. Find that happy place in the middle – a place where you can do what you enjoy and people are willing to pay for it.

5. In the next 5 years, where do you see the scenario in relation to digital marketing?

Amazon and Google will own everything. We will all work for them. Okay, okay, this is an exaggeration. But it will be difficult, not easy. More importantly, the speed of change will reach dizzy heights. A. Drone drop-shipping smart home. More marketing channels. To optimize for more devices. Laser-tight marketing division. Even if a freelance marketer can afford all the technology that will drive our marketing systems, it will take a team to maintain all the best practices. The benefit of big companies will increase rapidly. I now see what my critical error was. I should have set up Amazon. The upside to my business is that the market for the dystopian novel Ghostwriters will remain strong.

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Keeping negative reviews at bay

Do you have a website? Then you must have faced problems created by fake reviews. Nobody wants them because they are like uninvited guests that you cannot ignore. Negative reviews are the nightmares of every business owner. There is no legal action to stop or prevent fake reviews to be published or continued. Fake reviews are very problematic for small businesses. Now it is very easy for anyone to create a new account and leave positive or negative reviews for any business, whether you know them or not. Reputation management is a long and tedious process. Reviews are extremely important for any online business to build your reputation. So how can fake reviews affect your business?

Fake review can destroy trust

If you see fake reviews from the perspective of your customer or audience, if they find any fake reviews on your site, they will not trust your brand. Customers are very good at seeing fake reviews. There are a lot of companies out there that make money by selling fake reviews. He writes over thousands of reviews every day. So how can you prevent them from posting reviews on your site? If your visitors or customers check your page and find unstructured comments with rudimentary English posted at odd hours, they are definitely not going to trust you.

You can be fined and penalized

Google’s entire business is based on data. If you get unnatural reviews, you may be penalized by Google. If Google finds that you are trying to run its system, it will make you less likely to rank for relevant local search terms. This will result in less traffic to your website and less revenue. You can also be fined legally.So you should know about this because no one can predict the future.

Feeling good is bad

Almost every business has some positive and some negative reviews. But if your brand or website only has positive reviews, then the statement is “too good to be true”. If all positive reviews are found on your site, customers or visitors are more likely to doubt your gaming system. You managed to avoid all the negative reviews from your site, Google did not catch you, and you have not even been fined and punished. But you cannot escape from the customer’s thinking. Looking great sometimes leads to results that you might not have thought of.

Challenge with google

Google allows users to use an anonymous name and does not care about who your customers are. So it is easy for anyone to create an account and write negative or fake reviews on a website. It is difficult to prove one’s identity online. The second challenge is that a person does not have to be a customer to leave a review on any website. Anyone can leave a reply and Google can’t stop it.

How to answer fake review?

You need to respond quickly to all the fake reviews on your site despite knowing that they are fake, because even though your flag is reviewed, your prospects may still see them. This is why you should always answer. This is to show your customers your behavior in response to your customer dissatisfaction. Quick responses show your commitment to good customer service. Some do’s and don’ts in response to bad or fake online reviews.

2. Do all the reviews and reviews you want to flag.

While searching for reviews, I found this.  It would be nice if you guys arranged for interviews with different companies at least three times for each candidate. Do it. But you can check it on Google and You can flag and dispute to tell Su to delete. So how to do this? Go to the next step. 3. Click on the three vertical dots on the top-right corner of the review and “Flag as inappropriate” Click. See below for an example of a mock review image.

4. You will get two options,

Either “call Google and follow your flagged review status” or “get legal.” The “Get Legal” option will let you fill out the “Google Form for a Legal Eviction Request”. First option, “Call Google and follow your flagged review status”


Beginner’s Guide to Starting an Online Store

It is 2018 and today, there are so many creative and promising ways to make money.  Now, I have found that you can be surprised by reading this. But contrary to what you believe, starting an online store is easier than you think. So without much ado, let me start explaining to you in the simplest way how you can start your own online store.

Step 1: Decide on the products you want to sell

This is the most important step that needs to be kept in mind before starting an online store, what will your online store be about? Will you be selling the same type of product, or different types of products? Does your product require shipment, or can it be sent via the Internet? Will you keep your own inventory, or will you opt for dropshipping? Make sure the product you are selling has a market value and is very popular and useful

This is why it is important to choose the type of product you sell that is related to the niche you sell. So make sure you look for the right place to start your store, in which you think from a customer point of view- what makes your brand and your products better than competitive products? Be original Customers like it when they are introduced to original products rather than rip-offs, so make sure your customers feel a certain level of expertise from your brand that they want to buy from you.

Step 3: Don’t be afraid to start small

It is always better if you start your online store on a small scale which always helps you to check and experience the market as well as the competitors there as well as the types of buying and buying from your store. Gives knowledge Don’t forget to test the different prices and plans that you are offering to your customers and see what works best. The good thing about starting on a small scale is that in the case of discrepancies, you can easily correct and move forward with better results.

Step 4: Do not forget the business plan

Designing a business is an important step, based on that, your online store will either grow or fall over time. Prepare a chart of the costs involved. If you are collaborating with suppliers, make sure the products that are sold are sold. Are of good quality, list of employee’s wages, if included

Step 5: Register Your Online Store

Here comes the most awaited part – registering your shop online but before that, make sure that you have a good understanding of the Internet and state laws before registering.

B. Setting up your business

Step 1: Choose a Domain Name
Your domain name is the most important part when your online store arrives. Make sure you choose a domain name that is relevant, clear and also resonates with the audience. Also, it is not easy for people to pronounce and remember, do not shy away from creativity. Think out of the box. You can register your domain at domain providers like GoDaddy, Wix, BigRock, BlueHost etc.

Step 2: Choose a Hosting Service

Once you register your domain name, it is time to choose the web hosting provider. It is important that you choose a good hosting provider, as it serves as the foundation for your website. Choose a web host that offers the best possible option in the most optimal. Value Ensure that you are able to optimize your website whenever necessary. A good web hosting platform helps you to provide the necessary experience to your customers.

Step 3: Optimize your website

It is important and ethical that your online store provides a look and experience that impresses the audience and makes them want to shop from your store. Design your website in an aesthetic way. You can design it yourself, or get a web designer to do the work for you. However, keep in mind to make the website creative, professional

Step 4: Set up your e-commerce software

Considering that you are starting an online store, it appears that online payment options are also to be added. Provide analysis and analysis of various types of e-commerce payment softwares. Make sure that you do thorough research before deciding on an option as the software will store customers’ billing information, complete to avoid future hassles. Check the way security. Many types of payment software are available, such as BillDesk, CCAvenue, Citrus, PayUbiz etc.