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Rekha Pant, an IT professional from RGPV University, Bhopal, is a B.Tech. Along with his IT profession, he has also developed himself to become a fluent writer covering various disciplines in Digital Communication, Education, Marketing and IT. With his rare talent, he has published pieces of ace blogs as a guest on several websites. For more information about him, you can see his profile on LinkedIn. There are lots of ways on how to improve your social media marketing and you can find many applications online for free to use. So, what is stopping you from increasing your conversion? It is all about how you get the most out of these apps and take full advantage of these free apps. Remember, these apps are free to use for some reason and you want to get premium features if these apps help you a lot and put your social media marketing strategy to the next level.

You are not a professional digital marketer if you do not even know what the buffer is used for. It lets you manage all your social media accounts in a special dashboard. This makes your social media marketing approach easier and less complicated. Now you do not need to log in a certain social media account to another, just you have to log into this app and you are good to go. This allows you to schedule your posting and gives a consistent posting presence on social media networks. Your social media posts will be automatically published by the buffer according to the publication schedule you have created. As soon as you post your images, announcements, promos, and advertisements, you can track leads and visitors. No more wasting time and you don’t have to log in to many social media accounts.

Canva is a free graphics creation online tool that allows you to create amazing images in an instant. You are probably confused about using Photoshop and other photo imaging software. However, it has never been so easy to create attractive pictures. Templates are available for social media network posting. There are wide arrays to choose from and you no longer have to look for inspirations as the background, foreground, typography style and font style are ready to use. You can simply register in Canva for social media marketing through Google account and other social media accounts. If you want to keep your graphics pictures on the next level, you can only do this with premium elements and icons for just one dollar per icon.

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Of course, without proper management your social media marketing approach will not be effective. If you are serious about this campaign, then you need a team to help you and hand over stuff that you can no longer do for a day. You don’t have to email your crew periodically for updates, you can just check your Trello account and see the progress of tasks for the day. This app is also ideal for business management. The application does not require anyone to do any crash course training using the interface.

It is a drag and drops user interface navigation that allows you to create daily weekly, monthly and yearly tasks. This allows one to see the progress of works where you can insert the necessary information, links and pictures that are relevant to the social media campaign. This made it easy to update and progress work where anyone would see it. You can check and manage the things that you have to do for a day, even if you have different schedules or meetups.

वीडियो देखने के लिए क्लिक करे: Click Here

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