An exceptional relationship with digital marketing expert Jacob Warwick

Although a relatively new marketing trend, digital marketing has already come a long way in the world of marketing. It has given ample opportunities for brands and businesses to grow, and has provided the digital industry with great experts who make digital marketing easy and sensible. We, at Digital Ready, work closely with Mr. Jacob Warwick, a great digital marketing expert, and we bring to you our great ideas in various areas of digital marketing. Jacob is the founder and managing director of ThinkWare, a performance-driven consultancy that provides superb brand and marketing strategies to help businesses make the most of their strategic marketing functions. With his amazing skill set, Jacob has helped many brands with their digital marketing strategies.

1. What would you consider as some of your most reliable SEO practices, or how has your SEO journey been so far while promoting a piece of content?

“When it comes to SEO, I believe in partnering with businesses that have more credibility than my own. When you join the community managers of a large company there is always a lot of symbiotic benefit. Most people partner with a large group of people, and for example, produce content such as expert roundups. Of course, these roundups also have advantages, however, they are mostly short-lived.

The trick is to focus on a few people in a company’s core team. When you produce authentic and high quality content related to that core team, those people share it for you, and you get your necessary backlinks. True, this process can take a long time. But the opposite is that it is ethical and you get to build great relationships with some important people of a company. This is definitely a win-win situation. In addition, when you produce your content, you completely control every related aspect such as keywords, or meta descriptions, such as how the message is being portrayed, how Google bots will crawl it, and more. Also, you get better information. Contestants advance. ”

2. As a digital marketer, which of the most important blunders do you suggest to avoid being a budding digital marketer?

“When you work with or for someone as a digital marketer, you will be expected to handle a lot of tasks from different fields, which is a good thing because it adds versatility to your work. When you get different range of jobs, don’t hold back from taking it and proving your worth. However, it has been said, never dominate yourself. You want to finish all the work you’ve assigned, but in a hurry to do so, you can eventually mess up the quality of the work. If you need help, ask for it. So make sure that you do the task smoothly, while still delivering it successfully. ”

“In the future, the digital marketplace should be transformed into a more personal space. Although it will become narrower, it will also become more mature and better, mostly due to different technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, and also because marketers will begin to understand data better. In addition, marketers need to identify the actual segments that are included. For example, the millennium is not a clause. ”

5. What would you consider as some best practices in the context of media planning?

“In my time of working, I did not think much about media planning and shopping. Nevertheless, whenever I need to work on it, I look for opportunities to reduce CPC, even if its value is low. Basically, it doesn’t matter what you spend per click, if you are focusing on ROI. Companies like Element have a 600% return on their assets, which is actually very good. Also, I like to experiment with different opportunities out there. ”

6. What do you think about hypersensitivity?

“First things first, it shouldn’t be a robot. Personalization is very important. It can take a lot of time and effort, but it’s worth it. Over the next 4 years, market data and maturity are going to drive individually. This can be a gap line between big shots that can be spent on their personalization strategies, and smaller ones for you and up-and-coming companies who opt for automated personalization tools. Nate. However, I believe personal interaction should be more than automation, because it makes for a better relationship. ”


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