8 successful entrepreneurs stories to inspire you

We have reached a stage in our life, where we can achieve anything with little opportunity and hard work, for which we keep a fast. Nothing is impossible, and time and again, it has been proved by people with their zeal and enthusiasm to achieve something big. Today, the profession is not limited to becoming only doctors and engineers and employed by various companies. If you are adequately determined and plan things organically, you can start your own company. Bringing you success stories from 8 successful entrepreneurs inspires you to build your empire.

Marybeth Highland – Digital Ready

Your workplace presents you to people of all mindset, abilities, strengths and weaknesses who help to make you aware of all kinds of challenges and opportunities. Realizing that, Marybeth Highland started her company SparkVision, when she realized that she wanted to create purpose-driven movements.

With his immense persistence, he has increased his company’s membership from 400% to 2400% in just three years, and the results he has delivered through his start-up are certainly commendable. For her great work, she has been awarded as “Innovator of the Year” and one of the “Top 100 Women”.

Mahesh Gupta – Digital Ready

The increase in pollution has affected everything around, including water. With the goal of providing pure water to as many people as possible, and helping them get rid of any waterborne disease, Mahesh started researching water purifiers that were already available in the market. Today, 20 years later, Kent’s annual turnover is Rs 700 crore as well as 25% per annum. Mr. Mahesh Gupta, a first generation entrepreneur, is known as “Water Man of India”.

Don Hoffaker – Digital Ready

When we lose something in our lives, we often move downward and lose hope. For Don, his loss inspired him to do something positive in his life. While serving in the US Army, he lost his right hand. After recovering, she started Hafkar & Associates, a professional services and technology solutions firm, in 2006.Solutions for your customers. Don also won the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2012. Watch the interview below

Naman Gupta Vishal Connaught – Digital Ready

One of the most poisonous and most littering waste on the planet is cigarette waste. This woke up Naman and Vishal, students of the University of Delhi, when they were visiting their friend and telling them about the number of cigarette-borne waste throughout the hostel. Determined to do something useful with cigarette by-products, Naman and Vishal began to do more research on it and also about the possibilities of cigarette waste reuse. This led to the rise of “Code Enterprises”. Also working with Ragpickers, the code generates a monthly revenue of 30-40K and is providing income for around 5000 people. Watch the video below by Zee News to know their news.

Teja Alpati – Digital Ready

Health has become a cause of decline for most of us in the fast-paced world in which we live today. We have become so busy in our lives that we have stopped taking care of our health, which eventually leads to various lifestyle disorders such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

While most of us think that medicine is the solution, what we forget is that by correcting our diet we can avoid a lot of troubles. Keeping this in mind, Hyderabad-based Teja started his own health food company called NutriVish. Teja, an IIM-C graduate, ensures that people get the best possible organic food. Thus, they partnered with farmers and obtained highly organic products which have proved to be very effective for their customers.

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