7 amazing ways how Snapchat can grow your business

In 2011, when Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown, three students at Stanford University, created and released Snapchat, it spread exactly like wildfire in time. The concept involved was unique. Snapchat was not like any other photo-sharing app. It came with a very distinctive feature — people can add photos known as “Snapchat Stories”, but these stories will only last 24 hours. Back in 2011, it was definitely a great feature to attract a crowd of viewers, and since then, Snapchat culture has captured almost all of it.

Now, in 2018, with nearly 190 million daily active users globally, Snapchat has definitely become one of the most used social media platforms. But there is something more interesting here. Snapchat is not just for individuals to snap their photos for their family and friends, but has also become a great way for businesses to expand their reach. If you own a brand, but have not yet used Snapchat to your followers, then there is something you are missing. But don’t worry, here we are telling you how and why to use Snapchat for business.

Can Snapchat help my business?

If you are still thinking about whether or not Snapchat marketing will be effective, then yes, you will be happy to know that Snapchat is of great benefit for business purposes. Need to explain more? Let us take you through some statistics. The number of “snaps” updated daily is up to 7.6 million worldwide

1. Use a demo product

If your brand is launching a new product, you can use Snapchat as a starting platform for businesses to launch your product. Given Snapchat’s user base, if your brand launches the first look of a new product, with its use, it is bound to get a lot of audience views and mentions. When KFC Australia joined Snapchat, it carved out a niche by introducing the new double soft shell Ginger Taco. In the first 3 hours of launch, KFC Australia’s Snap was viewed over 3000 times. This resulted in a very busy fan base, which was really targeted.

2. Go to account takeover

This not only promotes a greater brand awareness, but the person who runs your account for a specific period of time gets to show your brand to the audience from their point of view. You can take an influential person or your staff member to your Snapchat account for a day, or a week, and let them make snacks about your brand from your perspective. In this way, they can ask their own followers to investigate brand acquisition snaps. Prior to the release of their film, X-Men: Apocalypse, on May 23, 2017, the team at X-Men made a massive acquisition on Snapchat, where, for the entire day, all of the filters on Snapchat were based on characters in the movie. Apart from drawing a huge amount of viewers to the film as well, it received around 1.5 billion views.

3. Give your followers a sneak peak

As a token of appreciation, when you launch a new product, you can provide a special preview of the new product to your regular followers. In this way, your followers get to know that you care about your audience, and as a result, they become more engaged, and also share photos about your brand, which also creates excitement among the general audience. is. Renowned cosmetics company NARS released a new Guy Bourdin Color cosmetics collection. But the way to do it was extraordinary. NARS posted about the new collection on its Twitter page, where someone prematurely added the company to their Snapchat account list, which was eligible to catch a special preview of the new product. This strategy was highly successful, leading to large product sales later.

4. Do not forget the influencer

Influencers are a big part of marketing strategies, thanks to their huge follower base. Partnering with Snapchat’s influencers can help your brand in many ways. Be sure to collaborate with an influential person who shares the same interests as your brand, as it gives you a push to work for your target audience. Snapchat’s influencers can direct a large amount of audience towards your brand, which works well for your brand awareness. To promote their “back-to-school” campaign, which was designed specifically to provide workstations in the dorm room, furniture giant IKEA, combined with impressive superfruit.

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