7 amazing movies that marketers and entrepreneurs should absolutely watch

There is probably no person who does not watch movies. And, as Indians, we are all definitely head-heels in love with films from all regions and all countries. However, if you think that movies are just about spice and action, then you are very wrong. Since the development of films, there has been a vast majority of them, and there are also films for markets and entrepreneurs! So if you are a budding entrepreneur, eager to make it big in the market, these are some of the movies that you definitely have to watch.

Released in 2001 and starring’s Kalil Izza Tuzman and Tom Harman, is a documentary about the dot-com company govWorks. The company, initially known as Public Data Systems, was founded in 1998 by Kalil Isza Tuzman, Tom Herman and Chieh Cheung. govWorks focused on providing software to government clients to track contracts and purchase functions. Back in 2000, when the dot-com crisis grew larger, like many other companies, govWorks went bankrupt. Nevertheless, it serves as a great case study for marketers and helps them avoid making mistakes that can be avoided.

The Wolf of Wall Street

There is no film list that does not suggest the Wall Street of Wall Street for marketers. This is the best film you can take as a guide if you want it to be an inspirational market. Based on the true story and memoir of Jordan Belfort starring Leonardo DiCaprio as a former stockbroker and Jordan, Wolf of Wall Street travels through how Jordan begins his career at a Wall Street brokerage company.

By the age of 26, they have not only opened their own firm, Stratton Oakmont, but they have also managed to make $ 22 million in just 3 hours, though by illegally securing Steve Madden’s IPO. After this, he and his other trusted partners continue to cheat wealthy investors with their money, until the FBI finds out about their scam. After chasing a cat and mouse, Jordan is eventually arrested. After his release, he decided to stay clean and hosted seminars and talks, helping people work on their sales techniques.

Social network

There is not a single person on the Internet who does not use Facebook. Facebook is one of the most used social networking sites today, thanks to the idea that originated in a dorm room at Harvard University. While there have been various controversies associated with Facebook, the introduction of the idea is something every entrepreneur should look for in order to make it big in a truly competitive world.The film also highlights legal disputes that Mark had with Facebook.

boiler room

Often regarded as a crime drama film, The Boiler Room, in fact, qualifies as a great case study for marketers and entrepreneurs. The film talks about a 19-year-old college dropout who runs an illegal casino in his rented apartment.  But when his father ridicules him, he joins a brokerage firm. When he hits the box of luck, and immediately begins to succeed. The film describes the various ups and downs that revolve around businesses.

pursuit of happiness

Happiness aims at more than just the emotional story of a father and his son. It is based on the true story of Christopher Gardner, who invested in a bone density scanner and should have sold. However, being unable to sell to anyone, he not only loses his job and credit card, but his wife also leaves him. He manages to get a job as an intern with a brokerage firm, but receives no payment for it. The film is a must watch for entrepreneurs and market people as it teaches a lot about how to deal with difficulties and how to overcome them.

12 hot men

Considered one of the classiest films of all time, 12 Angry Men is a classic 1957 film. The film revolves around the murder case of a juvenile and 12 gamblers whose duty it is to give a final verdict for the trial. Throughout the film, various evidence and points are discussed against the boy, and everyone tries to decide unanimously. However, there is one person who persists in his decision to convict the boy. While the film is considered as a crime drama, one of the great lessons that all marketers can learn from 12 Angry Men is the power of persuasion. In today’s highly competitive world, trying to stay ahead in the race requires being highly skilled in the art of persuasion, and this film definitely teaches how you can do finely, but positively in someone’s way. Turn around the decision.

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