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15 Amazing Lead Generation Strategies

Lead generation is the marketing process of capturing and stimulating interest in your product or service for a sales purpose. Leads are qualified prospects who can become your customers and your brand ambassadors. What does your customer want? Try to answer this, and once you are ready with your answers, tie them to your high-converting landing page, and incorporate all lead generation strategies to generate consistent leads. If your primary focus will be on synchronizing your landing page with your other marketing channels, then increasing leads will become an easy task for you. In this article, we will discuss 15 amazing lead generation strategies that can help you reach your goals faster than you ever expected. Before you know the importance of leadership generation for your business.

Importance of lead generation

It becomes challenging for businesses to find effective ways to get maximum profit as a sales lead. Previously, most websites were managed by a webmaster and the businesses behind the site do not find it as their primary lead generating tool. Times have changed, and the generation process from your website has now become the most efficient and economical way to grow your business.

Lead generation strategies

Lead generation uses digital channels. Here are some simple, cost-effective and highly effective lead generation strategies that you can use to generate more qualified leads for your business.

1. Social Video

Almost all B2B customers are consuming video type of content. Video is becoming an important part of B2B lead generation. To get more sales leads you need to deliver videos. You can drive more leads when you share your videos on social media. About 70% of the customers and buyers in the B2B industry watch videos during their purchase journey and 48% of them were found to spend 30 minutes watching videos for their research.

2. Partnering with industry influencers

Influencers play an important role in increasing their business for increased sales and success. Although only 15% of B2B companies are using this marketing strategy to get leads, it can be beneficial for you. According to many marketers, the primary reason for using influencers is to improve brand advocacy, expand brand awareness, and reach new target audiences. Partnering with industry influencers is an essential aspect of the lead generation process and is a great leading marketing strategy. The image below is a graph of the goals of influencer marketing.

3. Personalized Email Marketing Campaign

You may receive an email with personalized offers from your favorite brands. So it has proved how useful it is and now it is also holding on to the B2B industry. By 2018, it is anticipated that B2B companies that will use personalization in their digital marketing strategies will be able to realize a 15% increase in their revenue. You can expect a lot more from personal email. Here is an example image of a personal email.

4. Quality Inspired Content Marketing

Content is king, it is true. Content marketing results three times more than any other traditional marketing techniques. This is the best strategy that you can implement to attract more potential customers through SEO techniques. The importance of content marketing is increasing day by day and it is necessary to create engaging and relevant content for you as the competition is very high. The content is excellent to guide your customers along their buyer’s journey with appropriate educational information.

5. Automated Process

Automated prospecting is in trend and is now going to do sales and marketing online to generate quality leads. More than 70% of businesses are currently implementing and using marketing automation solutions, and this year it is estimated that companies’ overall investments in marketing technologies have surpassed advertising. According to a Gartner survey, in 2017 CMO’s marketing technology invests more in automation technologies than CIOs in IT. According to Bill Johnson, President of Sales John, “Automated prospecting is the most important and challenging phase of the sales cycle and has to be automated. It can transform the art of sales prospecting into science with the process of providing insights.

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